Trends to Try: Skorts, Midi’s, and Jackets

Trends to Try is a new segment I am going to try to do every Tuesday. I cannot promise this is going to happen, but I am going to do my best.

In this segment I will look at some trends that I have either tried and loved or ones that I am dying to try. They might be old, they might be new, either way it’s simply a look into what I’m trying to find next for my wardrobe.

The first trend I want to start with is the skort.

trendy tuesday skorttrendy tuesday skort.trendy tuesday skort..



I absolutely love this trend! I think it is so versatile and can be worn a ton of different ways. These variations of this trend are just the beginning of what you can do with this skort trend. I have not been able to find a skort that I love yet, but I am on the look out!


The next trend I’m drooling over is the midi skirt.

Trendy Tuesday miditrendy tuesday midi...trendy tuesday midi..



Again, I love the versatility of this trend. This trend has been seen on the red carpet, but can also be worn for everyday activities, as well. Still trying to find a good midi skirt for a good price.


The last trend I love right now is tying your jacket around your waist.


trendy tuesdaytrendy tuesday.trendy tuesday..



I love that this trend has made a comeback! I rock this trend a lot these days. I love wearing this trend with a dress, as seen in the picture above. That is probably my favorite way to wear it, but I also love wearing it with shorts. I haven’t tried it with jeans yet, because it’s way too hot in Florida for that! But I will be trying it once it cools down.


I hope you like this new segment and I hope it encourages you to try new trends!


Enjoy 🙂

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