Old Pieces, New Outfit

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I haven’t been shopping much recently. My husband and I are buying a new car, so I’ve been trying not to spend as much.

I’ve actually loved being forced to wear older pieces. It has reminded me of all of the great stuff I already have!

This is an outfit I put together from old pieces…


I put this outfit together while house sitting for my mom. I only brought a couple of pieces with me so I had to make it work and I love the end product.

I wore the same Lauren Conrad top from Kohls that was seen in my previous post Boho Style Braids. I got this top a long time ago. I honestly don’t remember when.


I paired it with this red skirt from Urban Outfitters. I think I got this skirt about 2 years ago for $9.99.


I added these silver heels that I purchased for my S & R Emma Stone Met Gala 2014. I bought these at Windsor.


I challenge you to take a break from shopping and really dig into your closet. You might find some really great stuff!

Enjoy 🙂

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