Trends to Try: Plaid, Pencils, & Blazers

I am loving so many trends right now, so it was really hard for me to pick! All of the trends I’m featuring today are trends that are making a come back.

The first trend is plaid.




I love that plaid is back. And not just in flannel shirts, but in all different pieces!

The third plaid trend I showed you also falls into the next trend, which is the pencil skirt.




I can’t believe I threw out all of my pencil skirts last year! Now I have to go buy more.

The last trend is the white blazer.




I was dying to have a white blazer this weekend. It would have gone perfectly with my Girly Boyfriend Jeans!

So, these are the trends I’m loving today. Hopefully I’ll be able to try them soon!

Enjoy ☺

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