I can’t leave the house without…

What’s one thing you have to have or do in order to leave the house? For me, that one thing is filling in my eyebrows. I literally don’t leave the house unless I have done this. I do it no matter where I’m going. Whether it’s to the gym or on a date, I have to do it.

These are the products I use.

Alright, here’s what my eyebrows look like before.


So, as you can see, my eyebrows have a lot of of bare spots. I start the process by outlining the shape with my CoverGirl pencil. Once I have outlined the shape I want, I lightly fill it in with the CoverGirl pencil. Then, I fill it in with the Rimmel pencil.

The reason I use both pencils is because they are slightly different colors and they are different textures. The CoverGirl pencil has more of a gel texture and the Rimmel one is a true pencil.

After I have filled in with both pencils I blend it all together with my angle brush. Once I have blended them, I use the soft end of my CoverGirl pencil to clean up around the edges.

This is after.


Literally, the only thing I changed from the before picture to the after picture is my eyebrows. I think filling in your eyebrows just gives that finished looked.

Let me know what you can’t leave the house without!

Enjoy 🙂

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