Trends to Try: Trench Coats, Booties, and Blanket Scarves

Happy Tuesday everyone. I know people typically hate Monday’s, but I think Tuesday’s are the real evil. Tuesday always tricks you into thinking that it’s at least Wednesday by now. Then you get your hope up thinking you’re half way through the week only to be let down when you check the calendar and realize it’s only Tuesday. Anybody else feel that way?

Anyway, hopefully I can brighten your day with some fun trends to try!

1. The trench coat.Β 

I am loving this trench coat trend. I know trench coats are nothing new, but this fall people will be wearing them in a new way. Welcome to the trend of the casual trench coat. It’s no longer a stuffy jacket. Throw it over a T-shirt and some jeans and it looks great! Even better if you strap on some heels.

2. Peep toe booties.

IΒ love this trend! This new twist on booties is so good. If you like this trend, you need to get it out of your system before it gets too cold. Fortunately, in FL I have a lot of time before my toes will freeze off with this trend, but if you live up north you’ve got to get a move on with this one. You do not want to be rockin’ this trend in the snow!

3. The blanket scarf. And the million different ways to wear it!

This trend is a really easy one to try. I’m sure all of us have a nice big scarf. All you have to do is try some new things with it. I especially love this trend with a paid scarf. I think it gives it more of that blanket effect. You can take one scarf and wear it so may different ways!

Let me know which of these is your favorite trend to try!

Enjoy πŸ™‚

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