Trends to Try: Herringbone, Knee-highs, & Blackout

It’s Tuesday, again. You know what that means…more trends I’m dying to try! I think this segment is only adding to my shopping addiction. Every time I write these posts I immediately want to go shopping!

The first trend on my list is the herringbone vest.

I love this look. Obviously, it’s perfect for fall and winter. I think it’s so cute and can be worn in a lot of different styles. You can go for a pop of color under it. Or you can chose the plaid shirt. Or, keep it simple with a nice white top. I just love it!

The next trend on my list is knee-high socks.

I mean seriously, how cute is this trend!? I love it! Knee-high socks are such a simple way to give your outfit a little extra something. Sheer, black, or a color, it doesn’t matter! They’re all cute.

The last trend I love is the blackout.

Everybody knows that black is slimming, so why not wear it all over? I think it is super cool. And this is such an easy trend to try! This trend can be really casual or you can dress it up. Just because it’s all black doesn’t mean it has to be boring!

What’s your favorite trend?

Enjoy 🙂

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