People’s Choice 2015: Best & Worst

Happy Friday, guys! The week is almost over and the weekend is almost here!

Today I’ll be sharing what I thought were the best and worst red carpet looks at the People’s Choice Awards!

Let’s start with the worst.

Alright, let’s start with Ginnifer Goodwin. I love her so much, so it seriously pained me to put her on the worst dressed list, but it had to be done. I think she is gorgeous, but this look does nothing for her.

Anna Faris, why!? You are gorgeous and could look amazing in anything. Even though this ensemble is a mess, I think she is absolutely gorgeous. This look is too busty, too ruffle-y, and just not right. Sorry, Anna :/

Okay, Fifth Harmony. As a whole, their looks are all over the place. Individually, their looks are still all over the place! I cannot find any redeeming qualities of these looks other than the fact that these girls are beautiful. Their clothes are just not doing them justice.

Now, onto the fun part, the best looks of the night!

I didn’t put these an any specific order. These are just the looks I liked the most.

I love Kelly McCreary’s look! I think it’s a bit casual for an awards show, but I still love it! From the pattern, to the cut, I think it’s really cool.

Okay, some of you might not agree with Chloe Grace Moretz’s look, but I think it’s great. She’s young and hip, and I think this looks says that loud and clear!

Giuliana Rancic is killing it on the red carpet lately. I think she just gets better and better every time.

Ashlan Gorse looks stunning in this all black ensemble. I love the fullness of the skirt and the minimal details.

Lastly, Sarah Hyland. Oh, Sarah, how do you always seem to end up on the best dressed list. I love the embellishments on this dress. I think it’s sophisticated, but still fun. Perfect for her!

Let me know who you think were the best and worst at the People’s Choice Awards!

Enjoy πŸ™‚

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