The Art of Fishtails

Happy Thursday, guys! Surprisingly, this week has gone by pretty quick for me and I hope it has for you, too! Unless you’re on vacation, then in that case I hope it went super slow!

Today I’ll be showing you some of my favorite fishtail looks I’ve worn in the past.

Fishtail sideThis is just a typical fishtail braid. No french fishtail or twist or anything. This is a look I wore on my honeymoon in Mexico, so I threw my fedora on. This is a super quick and easy hairstyle that is perfect for the beach. It gets your hair out of your way, but still looks cute.

Fishtail braidYou might remember this braid from my recent post, Style Today: Beauty & Brains Bangles. This braid is really simple. I start by pulling the top part of my hair into a side ponytail. Then I do a topsy-tail with it and continue with a french fishtail braid. I love doing a topsy-tail with the top half, because then you don’t have those pieces falling down everywhere.

Fishtail half up

This is braid is probably the easiest of them all! All I did was pull the top part of my hair to the side and continued by fishtail braiding it. It’s easier than a regular fishtail because it’s so much less hair. This is a good hairstyle when you want to wear your hair down, but don’t want to be boring.

Fishtail frontI love this french fishtail braid! For this braid, I start by teasing my hair all around. Then I start a french fishtail at my part. I french fishtail it about half way down my forehead and then just do a regular fishtail to the bottom. Then I loosen the braid by pulling it apart and secure it under my hair with a bobby pin.

If you don’t know how to fishtail, here are some great tutorials!

Classic Fishtail

French FishtailΒ 

Half up Fishtail

Which fishtail braid is your favorite?

Enjoy πŸ™‚

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