Trends to Try: Home Decor Edition

So, today I’m doing something a little different with Trends to Try. For the past couple of months, I have been obsessed with looking at houses. I’m ready to have a home of our own and decorate! Therefore, today’s Trends to Try is all about trends in home decor.

1. Barn Doors.

wpid-68c9b112bb6963c5885affe3e325d843.jpgI am loving this trend. It brings rustic to a whole new level! I think rustic decor is completely chic and fashion forward. I am not into super modern design. I think it feels cold, so I like more home-y feeling decor. I have a friend who has made barn doors for someone, so I will definitely be calling him when I buy a house! Check out Brate Custom Wood. He does some amazing work.

2. White.


I know, I know, the thought of having a white couch is scary, but look how cute it is! I love the simplicity of this white decor. Although, I wouldn’t go with white decor in every room, I would suggest picking one room to be mostly white and doing more colors throughout the house.

3. Metal lighting fixtures.

wpid-2974f88ca46828976c7da2f599c01adc.jpgHow cool are these lighting fixtures? I love them! I think this trend also goes back to the theme of rustic decor. These lights are super simplistic, but intricate at the same time. They will give any room a little something extra without being overpowering.

Which home decor trend are you loving?

Enjoy πŸ™‚


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