Trends to try: Comeback Kids

Happy Tuesday, all!

So, I’ve been searching Pinterest trying to find some new trends to show you today, but as I was looking through, I noticed a lot of the same trends from last Spring or even the two Spring’s ago! Therefore, today’s trends are the comeback trends. What I’m showing you is an update on some older trends.

1. Peplum.

Updated peplum

I have been seeing so much peplum in stores and online. This was not a trend I was expecting to come back, but I am loving the update on this trend. The peplum has been transformed many ways! My favorite of these peplum is the coral one. I love the cut of it. I love this looser fitting peplum.

2. Romper.


Obviously, rompers are big for the Spring and Summer season and I am so excited about that! I felt like they kind of fell off of the radar for a while, but they are back in full force! And just like the peplum, the romper has some updates, too. I’m loving these scalloped hems, tassels, and mixed textures. They bring rompers to a new level.

3. Maxi’s.


Maxi’s were all the rage a couple of years ago, but I thought they became so mainstream that they were no longer fashionable, but they’re making a comeback in the fashion world! I love the flowy, effortless-ness of maxi skirts and dresses, so I’m thrilled that they’re back and I’m excited to try wearing them in new ways!

Which comeback trend are you loving?

Enjoy 🙂


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