Twisted Bun Tutorial

Anybody else have a case of the Monday’s today? Why can’t the weekend just be a little longer?

Anyhow, I’m excited to share my new hair tutorial with you! This is my first tutorial in my newly decorated space. Hope you like it!

All you need for this hairstyle is…

  • Comb for teasing
  • Hairpins
  • Bobby pins
  • Elastic hair tie
  • Hairspray

Here are a few pictures on how we created my new space!

We started with regular Christmas light and hung them using thumb tacks. Once we hung the lights, we put white tulle over them to make them more dreamy ๐Ÿ˜‰ Once the tulle was hung, we took champagne colored ornaments and hung them on twine. The finishing touch was the flowers. I also bought this clothing rack to showcase some items that will be coming up on the blog soon.

The only things I had to purchase for this project were: tulle, tacks, pillows, and the clothing rack. These pillows and the clothing rack were purchased from Target! I spent right around $60 for all of the stuff to makeover this room (the pillows were the most expensive thing).


Let me know what you think!

Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚


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