Coral & Bows

So what could be better in the Spring than coral and bows? Not much, right? Well, I hope this outfit brightens up your Monday!


wpid-20150424_193847.jpgLet’s talk about these adorable shorts. So, on Friday I went to an event called the Fancy Flea. There were a ton of different vendors selling furniture, nick-nacks, home decor, AND clothes! I stumbled upon this adorable tent where I found EverlyBelle’s Boutique and Emmy & RynneΒ and I was in heaven. EverlyBelle has adorable clothes and Emmy & Rynne had amazing accessories. I was trying to save money, but I had to by something, so I settled on these coral shorts.

I paired these EverlyBelle shorts with this swoop back black tank from Urban Outfitters. I decided to partially tuck the front of my top into my shorts. It so much easier than tucking your shirt all the way in!

Here are some of the details.




wpid-20150424_194022.jpgThe fun part about this outfit was all of the extra stuff I put into it. I started with some stacked bracelets, a teal one and an orange one, paired with my rose gold Fossil watch. Then I added these cool sandals from Nordstrom Rack. I got these babies for $18! Lastly, I added this dainty, stacked necklace.


Enjoy πŸ™‚


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