Subtle Statement


It’s hump day, guys! We’re halfway through the weekend, which means we’re getting closer to the weekend. Yay! Don’t miss tomorrows post which will be a gift guide for Mother’s Day.






Do you recognize this dress? If you’ve been following my blog for a while then you probably remember it from these posts: Simply FloralRepeat Style. I guess you could say I’ve gotten my moneys worth out of this $7.50 dress from H&M. The thing I love about this dress is the underwhelming print and laid back fit. This print has beautiful, soft colors that stand out, but don’t overwhelm. And the fit is so easy. The dress just falls on your body.

To spice this dress up a bit I added this denim vest and bright jewelry.




For my hair, I did a variation of crown braid. I have a hard time with crown braid, because my hair doesn’t seem long enough (I am going to conquer it soon though!), so this hair style is my version of it. I will do a hair tutorial for it soon!

Let me know what you think!

Since this dress is old, here are some pieces from Forever 21 that have the same vibe // Maxi Dress // Mid Dress // Short Dress

Enjoy 🙂


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