Channeling my inner hippie

Happy Thursday, everyone! This week is just flying by and I love it!

If you keep up with my Instagram or Facebook you saw a little teaser of this look yesterday. If you don’t follow my Instagram and Facebook, check it out! You can see the latest updates and teasers.





So, I finally figured out the true crown braid! I have been putting off trying it, because I though it would be really difficult and annoying, but it was actually really easy! The reason I wanted to try this crown braid is because I wanted wear this new Daniel Rainn top from Nordstrom Rack. I wanted to really commit to the hippie vibe!




IMAG0396I paired this effortless top with dark jeans from Forever 21. These jeans were only $7.50! I also wore my favorite wedges with this look and some stacked bracelets. I kept this look simple, because I wanted my hair to be the main event and the clothes to compliment it.

Now that I’ve mastered the crown braid, I am dying to try it with all kinds of braids! Let me know if you’re interested in seeing a hair tutorial for this look!

Enjoy πŸ™‚


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