June (Virtual) Haul: Summer wardrobe on a budget

You guys, it’s Friday! Yessss! We made it through the week and now it’s time to enjoy a nice weekend and I have just the thing to help you enjoy it a little more!

Have you heard of ShopAtHome.com? Well, I hadn’t until a couple of weeks ago, but if you like shopping online than this is going to be your new best friend. ShopAtHome.com is a place where you can do your online shopping with your favorite retailers and find coupons while receiving cash back! For this haul, I chose to stick with Kohls and Sears, which are just two of the over 60,000 retails ShopAtHome.com is partnered with.

Here are the deals that ShopAtHome.com offers for these two retailers:

Kohls deal– 15% off of $100 or more and 2% cash back

Sears deal– 20% off of $50 or more and 3% cash back

Summer dresses. 

Geometric prints are great for summer. I love this geometric shift dress is from Sears ($14.99). With the boho trend being so prevalent, the geometric print is great for the women who don’t like all of the frills and tassels. BUT, if you do love the girly prints, like me, then this Elle dress from Kohls ($18.00) is perfect for you!

Summer tops.

With this haul, you’ll probably notice that I buy all different kinds of pieces when I shop. Like this cute peasant top with an edge is from Kohls ($16.20) and this fringe top which is also from Kohls ($17.60). My style varies a lot, so I like to have pieces in all different kinds of trends!

Printed Shorts.

I am loving these cute, printed shorts. The ones on the left are LC Lauren Conrad for Kohls ($15.00) and the ones on the right are from Sears ($11.99). These kinds of shorts go perfectly with a simple tank top and some sandals!

Neutral Sandals.

Neutral sandals are a huge summer staple for your wardrobe this summer. Birkenstocks are back in, but here’s a tip, don’t spring for the real Birkenstocks if you’re wearing them for fashion. Buy some cheap ones, like these ones from Sears for only $17.99. Another great option are these gold sandals, which are also from Sears ($14.99).

Simple Maxi.


This simple maxi from Kohls ($15.00) is going to fit perfectly into my wardrobe! I love the cool details in the side panels and the simple silhouette.

Go check out ShopAtHome.com and save money while you shop!

Enjoy 🙂


*This post is sponsored by shopathome.com

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