Flirty & Flowy

Oh Monday, how I loathe you. I think we need to start a movement of boycotting Monday’s! Who’s with me!?

Today’s look is flirty and flowy and, best of all, CHEAP! This adorable dress only cost me $7.49 at Ross! Seriously, how often do you find a cool, unique dress for that price? Ross can be hard to shop at sometimes. The racks are unorganized and there is just a ton of stuff, but if you have patience it really is worth it! I have found some of my favorite pieces there.







This dress was one of the best $7 I’ve spent! I paired it with some cognac booties and dainty jewelry. The finishing touch was a topknot. Because this dress is so loose and flowy, I wanted to have a more structured hairstyle. For a tutorial on how I do my top knot, go here > Top Knot Tutorial!

Let me know what you think and go check out Ross if you haven’t been in a while!

Enjoy πŸ™‚


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