Trends to Try: White jeans, full skirts, & denim

You know what’s worse than Monday’s? I do, it’s Tuesday’s. Monday comes to an end and you feel accomplished because you made it through, but then you remember how far you are from the weekend. And then Tuesday comes along and drags its feet. I swear, Tuesday’s are twice as long as all of the other days, but I’m going to try to brighten your day with some fun trends to try!

So, I haven’t done Trends to Try in a couple of weeks because I’ve been trying to research trends for the upcoming fall season. I have found some great transitioning trends.

1.White jeans.

White jeans

White jeans.

I think white jeans are such a perfect piece for transitioning into fall. You get the coverage of fall attire with a nice bright color. I have been seeing this trend all over my instagram and pinterest feeds! White jeans go perfectly with a cute sweater or light jacket.

2. Full skirts.

Full skirts.

Full skirts

The next trend I am loving is full skirts. I love the way these full skirts look and I think they will look adorable with a sweater or button up. This trend is so good for all body types. Whether your super thin or curvy, a good, full skirt will give you a great silhouette!

3. Denim skirts.

Denim skirt.

Denim skirt

The last trend on my list today is the comeback of the denim skirt. I honestly never thought I would wear a denim skirt again, but seeing all of these chic outfits is making me want one! The good thing about this trend comeback is that these skirts aren’t butt cheek length like they were 10 years ago. And thank goodness, because nobody wants to see that!

What do you think of these trends?

Enjoy 🙂


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