Trends to Try: wrap coats, side slits, & drop empire top

Good morning, guys! Oh Tuesday, what are we going to do with you? If you ever read my Trends to Try segment, you know I think Tuesday’s are worse than Monday’s. BUT, I’m determined to have a good Tuesday!

Here are some fall trends I’m loving!

1. Wrap coats.



I love this wrap coat look! I remember seeing this trend on the runways when the fall/winter lines were debuting. This trend looks so cozy and perfect for a cold day (not that we ever get any in Florida). It looks perfect with a pair of skinny jeans!

This one is gorgeous!

2. Side slit tops.



I am sure you have seen this trend already. The slit top has been happening for a little bit now. I’m not a huge fan of the top that go past your knees with the side slit. It looks like you’re wearing a maxi dress with jeans under it. But, I do love the ones that stay above the knee!

Love this one!

3. Drop empire waist tops.



In my opinion, this is just another version of a peplum top, but I call it drop empire because some of the tops with this trend are a little closer to an empire waist. This trend reminds me of shirts I had in high school. The empire waist top was super in and I had a ton of them. Now I wish I had kept them all these years!

This one is adorable!

Which of these trends are you loving?

Enjoy 😃

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