Life is golden

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I am back from my trip to Cincinnati and boy am I glad to be back in Florida. We heard the weather was mild while we were there, but 28 degrees is no where near mild to me! I thought I would be coming home to nice, warm weather, but we got into the 40’s today and that’s still too cold for me. Especially since I have a new little pup who needs to go out every hour!

Usually, I stick to fashion, but today I’m going to introduce you all to our little golden retriever, Korra Nole πŸ™‚







Will and I so in love with this little pup already! She is super sweet and cuddly, but also LOVES to play. No matter how wild she’s being, if you pick her up she’ll nuzzle her little face up next to yours. Everyone thinks we’re crazy for getting a puppy just weeks after moving into our new house, but getting a puppy was a big part of us deciding to build a house. We are both huge dog lovers and we both had dogs growing up. We wanted a puppy as soon as we got married, but we weren’t allowed to have one at our apartment. We are so excited to finally be puppy parents πŸ™‚

Sorry that I don’t have any fashion for you today, but I didn’t get any outfit pictures while in Cincinnati, because I was coaching most of the time! I hope to have something for you all later this week.

Enjoy πŸ™‚


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