Feeling Grey

Happy Sunday, everyone! I actually get to go to church today 🙂 Some of you might not think that’s anything special, but work has kept me from church for the past 3 weeks, so I’m really excited that I get to go this week!

Here’s a quick look at an outfit I donned over the weekend.





I don’t know about you guys, but when I’m running errands I just want to be comfortable. Yes, I love to wear cute clothes, but when I’m going to be running here, there, and everywhere, I don’t want to worry about my clothes at all.

For a hassle-free look, I paired some grey jeans with a black and white, heather sweater. Since we were experience a bit of a cold wind, I threw on this oversized blazer to keep warm. To stick with the black and grey theme, I added my black booties. Both this top and jacket are from Old Navy. You can find the sweater here and the jacket here.

Seeing as I didn’t have time to actually do my hair, I pulled it into a little twist to the side and secured it with a pink, lace hair tie. Whenever I don’t have time to do my hair after washing it, I usually do something like this. I do this because when I take the twist out my hair is in perfect condition for curling!

I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

Enjoy 🙂


One thought on “Feeling Grey

  1. Great post! And good job on that! You are on the right track but if you fix one thing, you could gain so much more followers! I started a new blog about my experience on fashion blogging over the year- how I improved tremendously in terms of fashion sense and taking pictures/editing. I am planning to update on how to take better photos and how to edit. Come check it out and lets keep in touch!! jellousmuch.com


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