Spring Transition

Good morning and happy Valentine’s day, everyone! I am currently traveling back from Las Vegas to be with my hubny! We had a competition there and my girls did amazing! We reached a lot of milestones this weekend and I couldn’t be more proud 😊

With Spring on my mind, I put together this transition look. I love this outfit. I put it together on the fly and I loved wearing it!








This look is perfect if you live in a state that’s still a little chilly in the morning, but warms up by mid afternoon! I paired some distressed jeans with this adorable floral/sweater tank top. I added the wrap trench for extra warmth and finished it off with some blush heels.

When my eyes are dry or tired, I like to wear my glasses to give them a break from contacts. I find that when I wear my glasses, I like to have straight hair. Don’t ask me why, I just do. I think the sleek, straight hair polished this look perfectly!

Have a beautiful Valentine’s Day!

Enjoy 😊


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