Good morning!

I know we’re all starting this day thinking, “Is it really Monday already?” I find myself asking that question every Monday. My work schedule has been insane lately. I’ve only been home for one weekend in the past month so I’ve had little time for relaxation. For my most recent work trip we headed to Orlando. Now, the cool thing about working with my family is that we can try to make little vacations out of work trips. We rented a 3 bedroom resort and made a one-day-vacay out of this competition. We worked on Friday and Sunday and spent Saturday relaxing by the pool πŸ™‚








As a born and raised Florida girl, relaxation means layingΒ by the pool and sipping fruity drinks. I love being in the sun and I always have. My family and I had a great time relaxing together, which is different for us, because when we’re together we’re usually working! The resort we stayed at was the Star Island Resort & Spa. I loved this resort because there was a lot to do within the resort AND it was cheap!

Get this bathing suit cover up here!

When the stress of life is weighing you down, what do you like to do to relax?

Enjoy πŸ™‚


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