Tassel Free

Happy Sunday, everyone!

This weekend is filled with graduation celebrations, so my hubby and I have been on the go non stop! Now, this title is probably a little confusing, because this top is in fact, not tassel free, but it is hassle free! I was just trying to be clever πŸ˜‰







This EverlyBelle’s Boutique top is the top perfect to be comfortable and cute in. You don’t need to add much to it. With the embroidery and tassel details, it has enough going on on its own. I paired it with some dark wash jeans, my favorite sandals, and a denim jacket. I added a simple drop necklace and rose gold watch, but that’s it. I didn’t want to overwhelm the shirt.

Speaking of EverlyBelle’s, I am so excited to be hosting another trunk show with them and this time there are going to be huge sales! EverlyBelle’s is relocating, so they are trying to sell most of their inventory to make the move easier. If you live in the Tampa area, you don’t want to miss it! For more info, check out the Facebook event > here!

// Get the top

Enjoy πŸ™‚


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