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Good morning!

Today I’ve partnered up with DERMA E to review their products and new packaging. I have to say, packaging is a huge deal these days. How many of us try a new product simply because we like the packaging? I know I do. For a brand, the way you package your products can determine your success.

*In the pictures below the old packaging is on the left and the new packaging is on the right.





I would say it’s easy to recognize the better packaging! DERMA E is an amazing, 100% vegan, cruelty free skin care company. Their products are light, fresh, and natural. Their old packaging does not really convey that. My friend and I decided that the old packaging kind of looked like medicine. BUT their new, packaging just looks soothing. I love that they went simple and did mostly white with a little bit of blue. I also love the way they redesigned the flower. It looks like a product you want to buy now.

On top of reviewing the packaging, I got to try these incredible products! I tried both the day creme and the night creme. Even though the packaging has changed, DERMA E has kept their organic formula the same, because it works! I loved the way these products made my skin feel.

Get these and other great DERMA E products by clicking the photo below!


Enjoy 🙂


*Sponsored by BrandBacker. All opinions are my own.

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