#NSALE Shoe Dupes

Happy Friday!

I know I’m getting this post up later in the day than usual, but I really wanted to get it on here today since the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is now open to the public! As you guys know, I am a major bargain shopper, so when I hear the word sale, I’m intrigued. So, I totally understand the draw of this huge annual sale. BUT, I would not consider most of these items a sale. I understand that they are name brand piece at a major discount, but I still can’t bring myself to purchase anything from the sale.

For those of you who feel like me, I’m showing you how to get some of the hottest #NSALE pieces at a cheaper price at Target! Today I’m only doing shoes, but if you want me to do more parts to this post just let me know in the comments below!

#1 Embellished Slip-Ons

Nordstrom – $119.90 | Target – $27.99

I absolutely love both of these slip-ons! They are perfectly on trend for the upcoming fall season, but could easily be worn in the summer. The ones from Nordstrom are over $100 and the ones from Target are under $30!

#2 Black Mules

Nordstrom – $52.90 | Target $22.99

I have not jumped on the mule train, but when I do, I will be buying these ones from Target! Even though the ones from Nordstrom aren’t too expensive, I don’t know how long this trend is going to last or how often I’ll rock it, so I don’t want to put too much money into it!

#3 Stacked Heel Pumps

Nordstrom – $79.90Β | Target $34.99

This is such good staple to have in your wardrobe! I love this stacked heel trend. It makes wearing heels so much more comfortable! These two shoes are almost identical and the ones from Target are almost $45 cheaper!

#4 Olive Slip-Ons

Nordstrom – $129.90 – Target – $19.99

Yes, there are some slight differences between these shoes, but the biggest difference is the price! The ones from Target are $110 cheaper! What could you do with an extra $110? I know it definitely be helpful to me and I could look past the difference.

#5 Block Heel Mule

Nordstrom – $49.90 | Target $29.99

Okay, so the I was pleasantly surprised at the price difference between these, because it’s only a $20 difference! While that $20 means a lot to me, Nordstrom has black & red and Target only has this pale grey (which I love!). Either way, both of these shoes are adorable!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Shout out to Target for always being on point! If you want to see more dupes from the #NSALE just let me know and I’ll try to get another one up soon!

Enjoy πŸ™‚




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